Review of Technical Specifications 


 This page specifies the actions required to review or update a Technical Specification (CLC/TS).


1.1 A CLC/TS is not amended but replaced by a new edition with a new date of edition.

Corrigenda are possible.

1.2  CCMC notifies the responsible technical body (TB) of the need to undertake the review at the latest 2 years after the publication date of the TS.

1.3 The aim of such review is to re-examine the situation which resulted in the publication of the CLC/TS.

At each review, the responsible CLC/TC decides by taking a Decision on one of the following options:

  • an EN is now desirable, in which case the CLC/TC should be submitted for conversion to an EN through NWI proposal to BT.
  • the CLC/TC continues to represent the 'appropriate consensus' solution to the market need, in which case it should be confirmed by BT for a further 3 years;
  • the CLC/TC is obsolete or no longer serves the market need, in which case the CLC/TC should be withdrawn by BT.