Drafting of European Standards up to Enquiry stage 

This page specifies the actions required to draft a European Standard (EN) in accordance with the existing rules and plans, and to deliver it to the CEN-CENELEC Management Centre (CCMC).


1.1 The working document is drafted in one of the CENELEC official languages.

1.2 In accordance with the target date for the First Working Draft (1st WD - stage code 20.60) set in the New Work Item Proposal, the Technical Body (TB) Secretary circulates through the CENELEC Committee Internal Voting (CIV) platform at least one version of the working document to the Technical Body for comments. This Secretariat Enquiry is launched for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 3 months, depending on the subject and the discretion of the Technical Body.

1.3 In addition, the TB Secretary sends the working document, together with a completed 'Transmission Notice', via e-mail to CCMC (production@cencenelec.eu) for registration as 1st WD in CENELEC database.

1.4 During the Secretariat Enquiry, National members are encouraged to carefully study the texts and submit all pertinent comments via the CIV platform using the common commenting template.

1.5 Secretariat Enquiry may be repeated considering the comments received.

1.6 Minimum 4 weeks after dispatching the 1st WD, based on the comments received, the leadership of the Technical Body, in cooperation with the relevant WG Convenor shall decide on one of the following options (see Flexible Process Guidance):

  • Keep the initial planning - no action is required;
  • Change the initial planning, i.e. changing the target dates for Enquiry (stage code 30.99) and Formal Vote (stage code 45.99) initially provided in the NWI form, by using the ‘one change’ option.
    This option will enable the Technical Body to change, only once, the target dates initially planned for Enquiry and FV. This will have to be notified to CCMC (dataservice@cencenelec.eu). In case the Secretariat Enquiry must be repeated, the TB will provide the new target date also for the 1st WD (stage code 20.60)
  • Ask for a tolerance - one tolerance of 39 weeks may be requested by the TB Secretary to CCMC (dataservice@cencenelec).

1.7 The Technical Body, supported by the WG and the Editing Committee if any, finalizes the working document  in accordance with the CEN-CENELEC Internal Regulations – Part 3.  The Technical Body decides that the working document is ready for the CENELEC Enquiry. The Technical Body Secretary sends the document to CCMC together with the Transmission notice.

See the process 'CENELEC Enquiry'.